The Little School of Leeds is a complementary school open every Saturday morning from 10:00 to 12:30 (except school holidays) for French or French-speaking children living in the Yorkshire region or its surroundings.

We created this school in September 2005 to meet the needs of French and French-speaking families worried that their children, immersed in the British school system, felt isolated in their bilingualism.

The aim of the Little School of Leeds is to allow French or French-speaking children to develop and perfect their knowledge of French, both in reading and writing, but also to help them express themselves easily in the language. de Molière in particular through theatrical activities.

At the Little School in Leeds, children are divided into ten classes of different levels (see the section “Classes”).

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La Petite Ecole de Leeds is a supplementary school that takes place every Saturday morning from 10h00 to 12h30 (term time only) and welcomes all French or French speaking Children in Yorkshire.

This French school was created in September 2005 to meet the needs of French and French-speaking families who were concerned that their children were not being given the opportunity to fully develop their bilingualism in the British education system.

At La Petite Ecole, children aged 3 to 15 are grouped into 10 classes that mirror those found in the French system. For more information visit the Class pages or contact us at la.petite.ecole@email.com.

 Lucio reading the letter from his correspondent in France